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Discuss Shakespeare’s presentation of Orsino’s feelings for Olivia at this point in the play.

Shakespeare presents Orsino as furious and irritated at Olivia’s constant refusal of his love and starts noticing how Olivia is not the perfect woman he claims she is while discreetly implying a shift of his romantic feelings for someone else (Cesario/Viola).

Firstly, he suggest Orsino’s annoyance and anger towards Olivia’s unrequited feelings for him with an aggressive question ‘what, to perverseness? You uncivil lady’. The noun ‘perverseness’ connotes actions that are contrary to what’s right or good and this symbolizes the constant refusal of Orsino’s talks of love from Olivia, revealing that Orsino thinks Olivia not reciprocating his love for her is the opposite what she should do. Further emphasizing this idea is the adjective ‘uncivil’, further indicating that Olivia is being rude and ungrateful for not accepting his love. Orsino’s narcissistic remarks are unsurprising for the audience as during the start of the play he already asserts claims for Olivia’s love in Act 1 Scene 1 in ‘these sovereign thrones, are all supplied, and fill’d her sweet perfections with one self king!’ The semantic field of power suggested in ‘king’ and ‘thrones’ depicts him wanting to command her feelings in favor of him. The stresses on the pronouns ‘what’ and ‘you’ builds up
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During his patronizing statement of Olivia and Cesario’s supposed love affair, he admits ‘and whom, by heaven, I swear I tender dearly’. In Shakespearean times, religion was important for many people in different social statuses where it influenced their lifestyle and took religious teachings seriously. Heaven is heavily associated with religion and God so his declaration for his love and care for Viola to heaven above establishes his devotion and compassion for
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