Presenting the Torn or the Decision Movie Idea Essay

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I have come up with the idea to create a movie based on the core structure and themes of the play Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward. This movie will be a major romance and more shifted toward gaining the public’s acclaim rather than achieving critical success. The audience we will be targeting are young teenage girls and women. Romantic movies have always been primarily liked by females. It gives them an excuse to get together with their friends and to dream about getting swept of their feet by their dream guy. Women are known to be very emotional and this romantic movie will have them laughing at some scenes and crying at others. They will fall in love with Cameron’s (protagonist) beautiful personality and show compassion …show more content…

She cannot be happy for him now that he has found love again. In the adaptation, egotistical qualities are included in all of the main characters. Elsa and Rebecca fight over Cameron, but are blinded and can’t see how both relationships are too flawed to work out. Cameron exemplifies selfishness when he decides to date both women at the same time, which isn’t fair to them. Coward shows through his novel that it is impossible to love two people.
The return of love is another theme, when Charles returns he becomes torn between the two women. He has been married to Elvira for five years and claims he still loves her, however promises that he loves Ruth currently. Charles believes he can love two people at once, however Ruth and Elvira do not take this well. For the women it has to be one or the other and disastrous results occur as they battle over their husband. The play is about the struggles of love and marriage. In the end Charles ends up leaving his two wives proving he couldn’t love two different people. By having two people in his life, Charles was in constant confusion and everything was chaotic. Truly loving someone is a bond that can never be broken, you may find someone else however the connection may be different (in a good way or a bad way). It was unfair to his wives by trying to prolong each of their relationships, because it created jealousy and he ended up losing both of them because of it. When Cameron

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