President Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deals

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The Great Depression was an economic and social blow to the American people, people were out of job, food, money and homes while society turned everyone against each other it was everyman for himself. President Franklin D. Roosevelt new deals were effect in providing jobs to the men of the families starting from the oldest to the youngest men in the family. The New Deal improved both the economic and social lives of the American people. The Great Depression caused a deafening blow in the economy of America as people raced to the banks to withdraw their money many banks went bankrupt and had to close down their doors. The people soon were out of money and with no money the consummation of products decreased, as companies had less people…show more content…
People were forced onto the streets and had to beg for food as unemployment skyrocketed. Without any jobs available the American people began to lose hope and had to start fighting each other so that could have a something to bring back to their families. The news reporter and advertisers began to use propaganda in order to make the American people aware of the horrific situation the United States found itself in making people lose hope in their current President Herbert Hoover and began to label the villages they had to erect themselves Homerville’s as an ironic honorific of President Herbert Hoover. Therefore when a new candidate came in talking about a change from what had become of America the people wanted a change for the better which causes Franklin D. Roosevelt to be elected the thirty second president. As the rising President Franklin D. Roosevelt was left with the responsibilities to help the American people and take the United States out of a depression with 13 million people out of work and hundreds of banks closed Roosevelt had to do something quick. During his first 100 days he had to push forward new laws which soon became known as the “New Deal”. In Document 5, the illustrator uses a good poker hand to represent the New Deals that President Franklin D. Roosevelt has put into play. In Document 3, Francis Perkins, United States Secretary of Labor, speaks to Congress on
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