President Franklin D. Roosevelt New Deals

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The Great Depression was an economic and social blow to the American people, people were out of job, food, money and homes while society turned everyone against each other it was everyman for himself. President Franklin D. Roosevelt new deals were effect in providing jobs to the men of the families starting from the oldest to the youngest men in the family. The New Deal improved both the economic and social lives of the American people.
The Great Depression caused a deafening blow in the economy of America as people raced to the banks to withdraw their money many banks went bankrupt and had to close down their doors. The people soon were out of money and with no money the consummation of products decreased, as companies had less people buying their food they had to let go of many of their workers to compensate for the loss of money. Many people had nothing left in mere months. In Document 1, Peter Jennings quoted in The Century Clara Hancox, “how her family was scavenging the trash for fruits and vegetables; and how they had to beg for food for the local shop owners.” In Document 2, John Steinbeck author of The Grapes of Wrath states “The companies are happy and beginning to prosper while the poor are not and are getting anger. The farmers are anger because their land was taken away and they can’t find a job or feed their families.” The American people were angered and hunger as they could not maintain their families and were forced to go to the streets to beg for food while…
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