President Lopez Persuasive Speech

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“Well how can we get the control we desperately need, because these people are really getting out of control” says president Lopez (hands raised). well we as a house came to an agreement that BANG!! President Lopez has been shot in his head and the house of representatives hold the representatives that didn’t agree with them hostage tied them down and shot every single last one of them in their head and they headed for New York city … “was good T plug, Ced “have you been on social media lately” Ced says “yeah but nothing’s been happening” “stop fronting president Lopez has been murdered” “damn word” said T plug “real” said J.b T. plug began scrolling on face book to see a picture of the united states of Americas map with a picture of this drone …show more content…

So we exit the tunnel to see people slugging around walking slouched and it was unbelievable how many people that were infected by the drones we even seen some flying around we come to the building jb use to live on in Harlem. A drone landed on our vehicle and we heard alomost a rumble but it was just reps coming to get us but we rode to Tremont st and ran to the apartments and went to the basement to come up with a plan T plug said “lets goto the headquarters and blitz them” ced said “say no more that sounds like a plan” we loaded or guns up grabbed extra mags and booked from the basement “I’ll drive yo” said t plug I put the silencer on my Thompson assault rifle and when we pulled to the headquarters I let my window done and me and ced began to knock them off one by onethey gett out of the car and you could hear bullets flying past hitting the car and “kneal” said jb then he threw a grenade that wiped the rest of them out and blew the door open and the head rep that was speaking was hiding under his desk than they grabbed and jumped him for a little while screaming “WHATS THE CURE” he didn’t budge at first than ced started stomping him with his boots than he Screamed “MILKKKKK” than BANG he was dead they dapped up and said “lets get

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