President Obama 's Foreign Policies

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During their respected terms, former President George Bush Jr. and current President Barack Obama issued foreign policies that differed in various ways. Since former President George Bush Jr. and President Barack Obama are from different political parties their views and their policies differ. They both focus on different major issues, from invading countries, to taking out an organized terrorist leader, to making peace with countries and trying to abolish any nuclear weapons from falling into the hands of the wrong countries. From what their policies state they will do to what they actually do will show whether they are a realist or idealist based on their time in office, since they both served two consecutive terms. After one of the worst terrorists attacks on the United States President Bush had declared war on terrorism and began a military campaign against the terrorist group Al-Qaeda in Afghanistan. President Bush then had decided to invade Iraq and the removal of Dictator Saddam Hussein the following year. He also had a five step plan to help Iraq. First he would transfer full sovereignty to a government of Iraq citizens. Secondly he would establish the stability and security that democracy requires. Next he would plan to rebuild that nation’s infrastructure. Then he would enlist additional international support. Finally he planned to free national elections no later than January of 2005. He had stated all of this in his public speech on Iraq in May of 2004. Former

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