President Of The United States Essay

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It is election year in 2016, and we will be electing our President of the United States for the next 4 years putting them in this role until 2020. That means, that we are allowing this person to represent our country, and they should represent what the majority of this country values, being that they were elected from majority vote. Of course this is in a perfect world, in which every citizen, who is of voting age in this country, casts a vote supporting the candidate they believe will uphold their beliefs, and has what it takes to lead this country. Unfortunately, this is and has never been the case. There are actually many people in this country who choose to not participate in elections, not only on the federal level, but also during state and local elections. People choosing not to vote causes for a lot of people’s beliefs, values, and opinions to go unheard, which leads to those people being left without a leader to carry their voices. The low voter turnout rates during state, and local elections are even lower then during federal elections. Low voter turnout rates during state and local elections put candidates into power over our cities policies that majority of the population may not trust. In 2016 there are a lot of problems that arise stemming from people having power over others that they do not represent fairly in their decisions. When a certain group of people vote for the candidate that they feel represents their beliefs without the votes of others who feel

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