Who Is Lyndon B Johnson Successful?

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Throughout history, rulers, presidents, and dictators have come and gone. Some made great advancements and others faded into the background. Without power, a leader is nothing. To be successful, power must be acquired, but to truly influence and have control a leader must know how to use their power. Being able to have the right balance is rare. The 36th President of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson, was able to master this skill through his tactics leading up to his election and the days following it. Through his presidency, future candidates can use his use of a strong support system, his stern mind set on his values, and his eagerness to bring the country together as a model for their term. The White House had seemed to be an impenetrable place in which the public could never get a glimpse into the inner workings. However, through the White House Daily Diary kept and LBJ’s secret White House recordings the public became aware of what went on behind closed doors. Future candidates can use this valuable resource to learn from Johnson’s unmatched political skills and how he came to such a large victory. Flattery, favors, and character were his main source to rise to the top. The more people on his side, the more power he accumulated. Viewers will notice over the course of November 3rd, 4th,and 5th how Johnson received many congratulatory messages and praise. The famous Johnson treatment is prevalent throughout the phone calls he made to several important members of the

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