Examples Of President's Dilemma Speech

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President’s Dilemma Speech Our nation is currently in the middle of grim economic circumstances of stagflation. Inflation is high, and getting higher. Unemployment is high, and getting higher. While all of this happens, GDP continues to drop. If nothing is done about this, our nation is sure to suffer worse consequences than we have already been forced to endure. Our economy will be flushed down the toilet. This new economic policy is the answer to our prayers. With the perfect blend of fiscal and monetary policy, we will achieve our goal of curbing inflation and will reduce the price of goods and services. Although GDP will initially go down because of the decrease in personal income, overtime the reduction in prices will eventually …show more content…

Unfortunately, this policy alone will not do that. We can however, use the money acquired in the government surplus to bring back New Deal programs such as the Civilian Conservation Corps to help beautify our country, replant trees to reduce our carbon footprint, and most importantly, provide jobs for the people. Using the money acquired through taxation to do this would cause spending to increase, which will cancel out with the previous decrease caused by getting rid of the penny. Providing jobs to the people would cause consumption to increase, negating the decrease caused by taxation. This means that overall, GDP will remain unchanged, unemployment would decrease, and the inflation rate would go down significantly. This method does work, as shown during the years of the Great Depression when then-President Franklin Roosevelt used these programs to get our economy back into shape. The affect this plan would have on our citizens is mostly positive; all citizens would be positively affected by reductions in prices, and the lower class would be positively affected by the increase in jobs, and the eventual stabilization of the economy would, of course, affect everybody positively. Unfortunately, this plan means increase taxes for those who smoke and those who make over $100,000 a year. Citizens, I ask that you please be understanding of this. For the time being, those who are less fortunate than you cannot afford to pay the taxes; they must concentrate their

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