Preventing The Crisis Of Underage Drinking

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“With such compelling information, the question is why haven 't we been able to do more to prevent the crisis of underage drinking? The answer is: the alcohol industry” is what Lucille Roybal-Allard once said, a U.S. Representative for serving in Congress since 1993. This statement has brought many to speculate of issues and debates. This expression opened the eyes of American people that often struggled to make this truth into a reality. After this speech, one woman said “It might be easy to believe to take down the alcohol industry but that’s like taking down the government and that will certainly not occur. Families, who choose to teach their teenagers about underage drinking, seem to have a higher chance of getting through with the …show more content…

Most teachers and faculty working in America’s school systems may recognize the truths about underage drinking. Underage drinking may have consequence in death and disability, poor academic performance, high-risk behaviors, and more. It poorly damages the teenage developing brain and increases the possibility of long-lasting alcohol problems. Warning signs can show educators an alcohol issue, mostly if the behavior happens unpredictably or seems life-threatening. Anxiety should be even superior if several of these warning signs happen at the same time. Underage drinking will result in behavioral, emotional, mental and physical changes. Behavioral changes being in having a disorderly look, lacking contribution in interests once adored, experiencing school problems, poor attendance, low grades, bad discipline, rebelling against family rules, switching friends you grew up with. Emotional changes can be shown being in rage strikes, outbreaks, wicked anger, and having a “don’t care” attitude. Mental changes can be shown through having memory delays and having poor concentration. Physical changes, connecting with low energy, bloodshot eyes, lack of direction and slurred speech. “Underage drinking is a national concern that 's leading to more vehicle injuries and deaths than people realize. In fact, nearly 11 million underage people consume alcohol in the United States alone.

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