Prevention Techniques For Rape And Child Abuse

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Preventative techniques/penalties for rape


Tyrese Hamilton
March 14, 2017
Mr. Wilson

I. Prevention techniques for rape and/or child abuse
Being that child molestation, and child abuse are two horrible, and disgusting things; should prevention techniques and/ or penalties be applied to these horrendous crimes? There are many reasons why it’s agreed that some type of prevention techniques and/ or penalties are very appropriate. One of the most important reasons for me would be that children are scarred for life when they’re molested or abused. Their abuser/molester should have a penalty equivalent or even worse than what the child they hurt will have to endure. Another reason would be that some children some …show more content…

Some children react to child abuse differently. The effects of child abuse can be very deep and last for a long time in most kids. Other kids who has been exposed to such negativity could go on to live a healthy and productive childhood and adult life. The key would be to guide our children through a recovery process. After a child’s safety is assured, kids can overcome many effects of trauma through professional counseling, and other interventions.
A. Developmental and psychological effects
Children who are frequently abused may act as if danger is always present in their life. Research has come up with the statistics that children exposed to abuse are at a more of a risk for emotional and behavioral problems in the future if left unaddressed or ignored. Abused children are robbed of the ability to regulate their emotions, and when they become adults they will continue to struggle with their feelings, leading to an anxiety problem or depression.
B. Physical effect
Children are more likely to be bruised up more than adults because their bodies are still undergoing development. Some children develop eating disorders, drug addiction, risky sexual decisions, self-harm, troubled sleeping, and discomfort with physical touch.
IV. Child molester characteristics
An average child molester will have molested 200 – 400 times before being caught, if they are ever

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