Price Elasticity Of Demand Between All Nike Shoes

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This article will focus on the comparison of price elasticity of demand between all Nike shoes sold in Canada and all breads sold in Canada. I argue that all Nike shoes sold in Canada have a higher price elasticity of demand than all breads sold in Canada due to three factors: the availability of substitute goods, necessity and percentage of income.
The first factor is the availability of substitute goods, which are goods that can be utilized instead of the original good. If there is a substitute good available, the demand is likely to change more because people can buy different products. On the contrary, if an item has few substitute goods, it may not gain or lose customers. In Canada, Nike shoes have lots of substitute goods like Adidas …show more content…

If the product coast a large percentage of the average consumer’s income, people will pay more attention to sale prices because they may be afraid of a fact that if the price keeps rising, they can’t afford it because it is expensive and costs most of their income. It is common that we spend more than $200 on one pair of Nike shoes, which are quite expensive. However, the price of bread is low. Furthermore, one pair of Nike shoes costs more percentage of clients’ income than a piece of bread. If the price declines, people would like to buy more Nike shoes because they can’t afford it in normal time. However, people won’t buy too much bread than before because the bread may go rancid quickly. So people are more sensitive to the price of Nike shoes. As a consequence, all Nike shoes sold in Canada have more elasticity than all bread sold in Canada.
Unlike the price elasticity of demand, the price elasticity of supply plays an important role on how producers respond to the change in price. I argue that all bread sold in Canada has more elasticity than all shoes sold in Canada owning to three main factors, which are the availability of raw materials, length and complexity of production and mobility of factors.
First, the availability of raw materials has an influence on raw materials because for more available goods, producers are always more willing to increase production

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