Pride And Prejudice: The Board Game Is A Fresh And Interactive

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Pride and Prejudice: The Board Game is a fresh and interactive way to either become introduced to Jane Austen or enjoy the story of Pride and Prejudice as it takes place. The goal of the game is to earn or buy all the needed tokens and then move your respective couple to the church for marriage. Important aspects of the game are the couples moving as a unit, appearances of the game characters, gaining regency life and novel tokens, and marriage, which is the object of the game. Just as “the business of [Mrs. Bennet’s] life was to get her daughters married” (Austen 4), the business of the player’s game is to get their couple wedded. The game allows for up to four players, meaning there are four couples, which operate as a unit, from which…show more content…
It is clear that the appearance of Mr. Darcy is likely based off Colin Firth’s depiction in the 1995 TV series. Other than that, many of these characters seem drastically different from their novel counterparts. Jane Bennet, who is described as the prettiest Bennet sister, is simply not as beautiful in the game’s depiction. In fact, all of the women, except for Charlotte, have wide and almost ghastly smiles on their faces. These smiles make them appear comical, and even creepy. Lydia Bennet, who is the youngest sister, looks much older in this game than she should. Ironically, the most normal-looking woman in these depictions is Charlotte Lucas. In fact, it could be argued that Charlotte looks the most normal because she is not so over-dramatized that she looks like a clown. Although each member of a couple can be moved independently of one another as the game is played, only one can be moved at a time in a single turn. This lends to the importance of both a husband and a wife in Jane Austen’s novels. While not every couple may be a happy one, the game acknowledges that marriage is a team effort, reflected in the fact that neither the wife or the husband have special moves or power plays that they can make during the game. And although the backs men and women’s cards depict different sets of tokens, either member of the couple can acquire any of these pieces, giving each person an equal amount of power. This is keeping with

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