Pride Essay: Pride And Prejudice

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One day in the village of Longbourn had being excitement with the arrival of a wealthy young gentleman, Charles Bingley, who will move to Netherfield plantation. In her home, Mrs.Bennet was very happy and talked to her husband, Mr.Bennet, that she wanted to meet her sons, Jane, Elizabeth, Lydia, Kitty and Mary to Mr.Bingley and hoped that one of her children would be married by Mr.Bingley. Without telling his family, Mr.Bennet visited Bingley and Mr.Bennet asked all his children and his wife when the next ball is scheduled and promised to introduce him to Mr.Bingley. The ball takes place at Meryton. Mr.Bingley came with Darcy (Bingley's friend) and Caroline (Bingley's sister). Mr.Bennet then introduced his son to them. Bingley makes friend with …show more content…

Seeing this incident, Bingley also went after Darcy, but before leaving he told about the next ball, and also invited Bennet's sisters and Wickham. Elizabeth suspected of Wickham and Darcy's awkwardness, and asked if they knew each other. Wickham recounts that Darcy had taken the inheritance Darcy's father gave him. After hearing all the words of Wickham about Darcy, Elizabeth believes and lansgung has a bad prejudice with Darcy. The ball had begun Bennet's sisters and Mr.Collins was also present, but Wickham did not come because he was transferred and made Elizabeth sad, and had a bad prejudice that Darcy had done it all. Mr.Collins then invited Elizabeth to dance with her, after which Darcy invited Elizabeth to dance. As she danced, Elizabeth asked Darcy if he had done it all to Wickham, and Darcy agreed what Elizabeth asked. The next day, Jane received a letter from Caroline that she and Bingley would move to London and also Caroline said that she would match Bingley with Darcy's sister. Elizabeth was again prejudiced that Darcy had separated them both. After that, Jane goes to her sister's house in London and hopes Bingley will meet

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