Pride In The Scarlet Ibis

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Can pride lead to death? Often pride walks the thin line between destruction and confidence. However, does that still mean it’ll end with death? In the short story, “The Scarlet Ibis” the narrator has a physically challenged brother. The brother, named Doodle, was born early and has a weak heart. Despite knowing this, the narrator still pushes Doodle past his limits. Therefore, pride can be destructive. Due to this the narrator ultimately caused Doodle’s death by overworking his system, acting upon the embarrassment of him, and ignoring Doodle’s weak body. The narrator contributed to Doodle’s death by overworking his body. The narrator describes his actions by saying, “I purposely walked fast, and although he kept up, his face turned red and his eyes became glazed.” (Hurst 350) This proves Doodle was being pushed past what his body was capable of. The brother knew of Doodle’s physical disabilities, yet still continued to push him. The narrator also tells his actions by saying, “I ran as fast as I could, leaving him behind with a wall of rain dividing us.” (Hurst 353) This correlates to Doodle’s death by not only causing emotional torment from abandonment, but also forcing Doodle to make a decision: push his body further or stay alone until found. The narrator knew Doodle was struggling due to the acknowledgment of physical signs of face reddening and eyes glazing. These are obvious signs of exhaustion. When doodle was a babe his face would go purple with the strain of
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