Pride and Prejudice

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It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife... There was a tendency to marry for money in early 19th century England. It was very unusual for people to begin relationship for love in the Victorian Era. There was so much etiquette involved. The most popular places to meet suitable partners were balls and church socials. Even if a gentleman had formerly been introduced to a lady at a ball, this did not entitle him to speak to her at any other time or place. This would be highly improper. If there were a woman he wished to grow acquainted with, he would make inquiries and find a mutual friend who would then introduce them. Austen lived in a time when marriage was …show more content…

It's not like women could get divorced then so that is really all they could do. Mr and Mrs Bennet have no respect for each other and this causes their marriage to fail, as love is built on respect. Mrs Bennet is too stupid to notice her husbands' sarcasm, as she keeps going on about her nerves. Austen's intentions with Mr and Mrs Bennet are to show us what a bad marriage would develop into for example Lydia and Wickham, they're relationship will be some what like the relationship of Mr and Mrs Bennets when they are older. We can see that relationships cannot develop into love if there is no original love to start of with. Also she is trying to show us how marriage affected the children, for example I think Mrs Bennet has a large affect on Lydia and Kitty, and this why I think Mrs Bennet isn't very fond of Lizzy because Lizzy has very different views on marriage and love. I think Jane Austen is trying to give us a better understanding of what a typical family was like back then. The second marriage I am going to explore is Charlotte Lucas and Mr Collins relationship. In the novel, Charlotte Lucas presents a practical view on marriage, declaring that happiness in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. Her marriage to Mr Collins is to gain in establishment and acquire social standing and economic stability. When we first meet Mr Collins, we see that he isn't the most pleasant looking of people. Mr Collins main priority at the moment was to find

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