Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin Vs. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

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Mr. Darcy, handsome gentleman’s son from Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austin, can be seen as a different role model when compared to Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. Both novels have a similar background but with a different twist. Austin’s description of writing is seen to be related to a more realistic and satire approach, whereas Bronte’s style seems to be a bit gothic. Furthermore, both novels have a romantic presentation of two very unique genders that fall deeply in love with one another. Pride & Prejudice starts off with Darcy being evaluated as a stuck up, evil man. However, the readers are only seeing Elizabeth’s perception of Darcy by gathering information from her outside community. The climax of Pride &…show more content…
Darcy’s ideal is to gain Elizabeth’s affection; therefore, he begins to find ways to distinguish a not so “cruel” character. Darcy becomes more loveable when he writes his letter to Elizabeth about the truth of his life situations with Wickham; however he is also seen to ripen when paying the dowry for Mr. Bingley when Elizabeth’s younger sister runs off with Wickham. Evidentially, Heathcliff and Darcy are no big comparison; however, Heathcliff’s love for Catherine was outstanding. His ideal holding was the grudge he had toward the Earnshaws, especially Hindley for not being allowed to be with Catherine. He seemed to have a very strategic plan on getting revenge on the Lintons, Earnshaws, and especially Hindley. Heathcliff was always seen as the outcast and was not payed much attention to, as he became older his affection towards Catherine grew, causing him to want to prove his social status in Wuthering Heights. These male protagonists represent two different types of heroines. Both Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy appeal to the readers the most because of the way they approach their love situations. Heathcliff is seen to have the reversed role of Darcy, meaning, he did not grow up wealthy and he is fighting to be with Catherine who is of superior society. He also catches the audience attention in the beginning of the novel. He is seen to be cruel, anxious, and mysterious. Not until later does the reader find out that Heathcliff loves and romantic towards the

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