Primary Activities Of Nasdaq

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Primary Activities
Nasdaq works strategically around 4 complementary business segments Tech, Trade, Intel and List. These segments help Nasdaq guide their clients to pursue opportunities to create or maximize value in the stock market.
1. TECH – Nasdaq’s Exchange and Business Technology.
Nasdaq’s commercial technology and software business, provide exchange and business services that supports their financial industry and corporate clients in all aspects of business or marketplace. Nasdaq provides support throughout a business lifecycle, for trading, management, governance, surveillance, risk and compliance, post trade, market intelligence etc. Nasdaq’s market technology business is the world’s largest provider of exchange technology solutions …show more content…

In the US, Nasdaq is the single largest liquidity pool for the US Equities in case of trade shares.

3. LIST – List with the Nasdaq Market
40 years ago Nasdaq developed a List Model, that functions as a standard for markets worldwide. Nasdaq is the foremost listing exchange in the world, as they combine the strength of their business, customer service, visibility, and market intelligence resources, to their listed companies.

4. INTEL – Capital Market Insight and Resources
Nasdaq’s worldwide clients have the market insights and resources required for market transparency and informed trading, investment and valuation decisions. This is possible through their Intel Segment’s market data, Global Index and Corporate Solutions. Nasdaq has around 41,000 global indexes, which most closely monitored. The companies composing these indexes signify more than 98% of the global equity investable marketplace. Nasdaq was amongst the first in the US to offer stand-alone data services customized for modern trader’s needs as the data developed into the lifeline of the trade. Nasdaq’s market-data services range from real-time data and web reports to plug-and-play technology for instant access to data market data. Nasdaq continues to redefine the interaction between indexers, investors, sponsors and exchanges, and global …show more content…

Nasdaq is a highly computerized system which handles the trade of stocks between buyers and sellers and to set the opening and closing prices. The stocks traded in Nasdaq are less rigid than NYSE. Nasdaq follows 2 types of orders, market order and limit order. Limit order is the one where the buyer or seller is not willing to buy or sell below or above the limit respectively. Market order refers to when the person is willing to accept whichever price the dealer is holding the inventory. Here, the market maker compete with each and quote their best price, they buy or sell at publicly quoted

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