Prince Sports Case Study

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Prince Sports is an original sports equipment retailer that offers many different products for tennis, squash, racquetball, badminton and paddle tennis. The companies’ tennis products consist of more than 150 racquets, 50 footwear models and 50 tennis strings, as well as bags apparel and other accessories. Prince Sports focuses on continuing to meet the needs of athletes of all levels and ages. There are many methods of marketing to various demographics and cultures with many contrasting variables that contributes to the increase or decrease in resulting sales. The key players involved in Prince Sports are Linda Glassel the vice president of sports marketing and brand image, Nick Skally the senior marketing manager and Tyler Herring global…show more content…
I would also suggest that Prince Sports hold seminars on health benefits of playing tennis at schools or colleges to engage the younger consumers into playing tennis. Since tennis can be a lifetime sport playing tennis is not only a way to exercise but also a social activity that can help people get together and stay in touch with family and friends. All of these methods will help to reach recreational players and junior player, though by having a strong social media presence whether it is through Facebook or twitter will likely reach the younger players more effectively. I would suggest the possibility of Sponsorships of gyms, schools, clubs or tournaments as well as sponsoring junior members as this can help reach many different age groups and levels of players. Prince Sports also markets and designs their racquets to meet the needs of three distinct styles of players such as celebrity professionals, recreational players and juniors/children. In order for Prince Sports to reach the recreational players they will have to realize that not everyone is a pro at tennis and that everyone has a different swing. The company should create their products with this in mind and they should Demo their racquets and make sure that promotional material is places in stores where the recreational player is likely to shop; this can also pertain to the junior players as well. Since recreational players are typically older with a disposable income they can afford better racquets
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