Prince Vs Pauper

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How would you like to switch places with the president, a pop star, or maybe just one of your parents? What do you think the pros and cons of this would be? This is what happened in the Prince and the Pauper by Samuel Clemens under the name Mark Twain. It is about two boys who were born on the same day where one was wanted, one was not. Each boy was not happy with his own life at an older age, so they switched places. Tom Canty became a prince, and Edward Tudor became a pauper.

Some people may believe that the Mickey Mouse version of Prince and the Pauper is the best version, but in fact the live action version of Prince and the Pauper is superior. For instance, the Mickey Mouse version is more school friendly. The graphics are cartoony and the characters
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To add on, the live action follows the original plot. In the live action, Tom was invited into the castle by the prince, Edward Canty (Foster). This exemplifies that the live action is better because that is a show of kindness toward his subjects that develops the character. Not to mention, the live action is also more detailed. Each action and facial expression showed a kind of emotion and the movements of each character portray that character’s personality. This shows that the live action is more appealing because its realism presents each point better. Equally important, all the important characters that were missing their storyline or just missing entirely in the Mickey Mouse version are present. The Hendon brothers have their fight, Miles becomes Edward’s protector after he switched, and John Canty beats Tom when he does any little thing wrong.

To recapitulate, the live action version of Prince and the Pauper by Foster is superior to the Mickey Mouse version for many reasons. Truly, Prince and the Pauper is a great work of literature. The question is...who would you switch with and
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