Princess Diana As A Hero

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Princess Diana
Epic heroes inspire through “great achievements” or “grand events” (“Epic”). Despite what others may believe, an epic hero requires certain traits, meaning that there are modern epic heroes. However, people find it much more challenging to find modern epic heroes when compared to epic heroes from stories, because real life remains more hidden from individuals. Princess Diana epitomized the modern epic hero. Although she suffered a tragic death, she inspired many people, and many others gravely adored her when she lived. Princess Diana embodied the characteristics of an epic hero because of her capability of great deeds and courage, because of her humility, and because she achieved national heroism. Courage illuminated Princess Diana, as she tremendously helped people, donated to the less fortunate, and raised awareness for lesser-known issues. Throughout her life, she continued to work for others, despite her own problems: “Diana served as a strong supporter of many charities and worked to help the homeless, people living with HIV and AIDS and children in need” (“Princess”). She always committed herself to helping others, and never did anything purely for attention, allowing for Diana to help others with the right intentions. Diana’s strength and courage, shown through her strong activism and donations to the less fortunate, proved that she faced challenges and stood up for what she believed in, despite her own issues and negative feedback. Princess Diana

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