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One year ago, the death of a princess brought an entire world to tears. The wounds are slowly healing and the grief is less painful. What remains are the lessons that can be learned from a phenomenon that few can entirely forget. At the time it was a mystery. A divorced member of the royal family of a medium-sized European nation dies in a banal car accident in Paris, and for a week the sun, moon and stars are knocked off their appointed tracks. Within days, Europe suffers a shortage of cut flowers as tens of thousands of bouquets are laid before the house of the victim. Demand for newsprint soars; the funeral, watched live on television throughout the world, attracts an audience of 1 billion.

A few years later, the mystery remains. What …show more content…

96). Now the charities with which she was still associated - Centrepoint, The English National Ballet, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, The Leprosy Mission, The National Aids Trust and The Royal Marsden Hospital NHS Trust, are facing up to a future without a patron whose backing was impossible to evaluate. A spokeswoman for Great Ormond Street Hospital, with which the princess had been involved since 1987, said: "Her support was invaluable and incalculable."

"I'd like to be a queen of people's hearts.” Princess Diana (BBC TV interview). Diana was patron of the National AIDS Trust and helped put their work in front of the public, as well as raising many thousands of pounds to help them do it. She was president of the Royal Marsden NHS Trust at the London cancer hospital; she had an interest in patients and research. On one of her trips to Chicago raised $800,000 for the hospital, and the auction of her clothes in New York brought in another £1 million. Diana was Fund President of London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. “On many official or private visits to wards, she sought out the shyest child for her special attention” (2, pg. 97) Children were Diana’s delight, she always wanted a little girl. When one little eight-year-old girl Danielle first met the princess, she had no idea of the identity of the special person who was to visit the Rose Ward of

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