Princess X Alternate Ending

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May was sitting in the park when a boy raced past her on a horse and almost trampled her. She glared after him until she saw a familiar drawing, hanging out of his bag. He slowed the horse and jumped off, tethering it to a tree nearby. As he sat down, he pulled a newspaper out of his bag and she saw the outline again, falling out of the bag with the newspaper. She was confident that it was Princess X.
May picked up her hat and ran after him, ignoring scowls from nearby women who were probably thinking she should be acting like a lady. As she got closer, she slowed down and walked casually towards him.
When she was right in front of him, the boy looked up and stared at her without any expression. He kind of looked like he was trying to get her to leave him alone without actually telling …show more content…

“Do you like my compilation?” a voice said out of nowhere. May jumped and turned around to see a strange old man standing behind the counter. He had long white hair and was wearing a black cloak over his suit. “Oh! I, um, yeah, I mean, I was just looking. Um, I mean, I’m looking for the Princess X stories. Where can I find them?” “Princess X?” the old man came from behind the counter and looked at her closely. “What do you want with it?” “I just like to read the stories…” May replied. So I can find out if Libby wrote it, she thought to herself. “Okay then. How many would you like?” “I want all of them.. I need to read it all. And I want a subscription. How much is that?” she asked hesitantly. She wanted to help Libby, but she didn’t have a whole lot of money. “That’ll be twenty dollars plus five for the subscription.” She stared at him in surprise. That was her whole allowance. It was all of her money for the entire month. But if Libby wrote it and she needed to be

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