Principle of Specialization Essay

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Principle of Specialization:
A Positive Review of a Repulsive Feature
While is it the belief of many that the Principle of Specialization is the most repulsive feature introduced to us by Plato in the Republic, the opposing argument is that the use of specialization is a great idea. Businesses aim to operate with as much productivity as possible while having very little waste, so why not our communities? The Principle of Specialization is present in all aspects of the community, from its humble beginnings of only a handful of men1 and even more so in the state that grows into one that needs an army for protection 2. By examining each new layer that is added, we can study each new aspect of specialization that is added to the …show more content…

There would be no opportunity for someone to pursue a career out of passion due to them being restricted to working in the field that they are most practiced. This is where the negative arguments against specialization in society may be derived. The options of the men and women living in the community are limited, and so are the options of the children. Due to the way of life, the children will most certainly follow in their parents path as a career.12 Each family has what it needs to survive thanks to the communities combined efforts. In the same way that classes are dependent upon each other, families are too. In such a lifestyle without any luxuries, the families are made to rely on each other for company and enjoyment. On a personal level the principle of specialization seems to dull the way one would spend a lifetime, simply spending each day by doing the same things as the rest without much variation in any aspect of life. However, with specialization the current community as a whole is as productive, efficient and unified as possible.


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4 Our current society being examined is one of bare necessities. If comparing a primordial society and civilized society, ours would currently be the former. Glaucon believed our primordial society resembled one that would be appropriate for a “community of pigs”.13 When asked by Socrates how he would construct it differently, he stated he would make

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