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The Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory NUR 501 Chamberlain School of Nursing Application of Florence Nightingale’s Environmental Theory Introduction The environment theory of nursing is a patient-care theory. The delivery of patient centered care is the best delivery of care a patient can receive. Applying Nightingales environmental care theory of manipulation of the patient environment can affect the patient and assist in the delivery of quality of care. The concept of a clean patient environment has an effect on the patient’s recovery and the prevention of spread of diseases (Harvard Libraries, 2012). Using Florence Nightingales environmental theory and concepts will give a …show more content…

A quote from Nightingales early writings defined “nursing is the act of utilizing the environment of the patient to assist in recovery” this is not only true in a patient’s recovery but is also true for the well being and the health of the patient and family included (Harvard Libraries, 2012). Nightingales theory of environment is the responsibility of the nurse this in essesence make the nurse in control of the patient’s environment, she has the ability to identify the environmental deficits and apply Nightingale’s concepts directs the nurse to make adjustments and advocate for the patient .(Harvard Libraries, 2012). Example of applying Environmental Theory In this paper the author provides a real life example of the application of applying Florence Nightingales environmental theory to a practice setting. In an article published in the RN Journals a staff nurse writes about her experience as a floor nurse on an oncology unit and how the surroundings were anything but pleasant. The color of the unit was dark; there was dirty carpeting that lined the unit. Families had nowhere but the hallways to grieve the loss of loved ones and the worrying environment was depressing. This nurse took it upon herself to bring her concerns to hospital administrators; she stepped out on a limb and became the patient family advocate with using the premise of the Florence

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