Principles Of Henri Fayol

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In the early 1900s, large organizations were finding that they needed to be managed too. At the time little management models and procedures were in place until scientists like Henri Fayol came along and paved the way. Henri was born in 1841 and his first concepts in principles of management are the underlying factors for successful management. Henri Fayol, a French coal mine director, is most notably known for his contributions to the five main functions of management that are described in detail in his book entitled “Administration Industrielle et Generale” (Norma, n.d.). Henri Fayol’s management idea is that there are 14 principles of management that can be drilled down into five components that should be used to control and plan production. Fayol’s ideas were introduced into textbooks in the 1950’s and since then the five main points have been drilled down, by other authors, to four main components of management. Those four main points are planning, organizing, leading, and controlling, which is also called the P.O.L.C. process. Staffing was removed as a main function in management. One of the most important steps in managing a business is planning, which is also the first step in the P.O.L.C. process. Planning is one of the most vital tools you will need to use in business. From starting your own business to growing into an empire you will plan the entire way. As a business grows you will need to map out the new path the company will take. For
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