Prison, And Protest Poetry: Prison And Protest Poetry

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Prison and Protest Poetry
Poetry is not literal, almost by definition. As art, it shows the readers a higher truth that is expressed in a nonliteral, nonlinear way, a way that is completely original to the artist who has composed it (Vardavas, 2015). Prison writing has long been a distinctive and admired genre. Some date its origins back to the early third century when Saint Perpetua sat in her cell in Carthage, penning her "Passion" while she awaited martyrdom. Among subsequent giants are Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Fydor Dostoyevsky, Jack London, Malcolm X, Irina Ratushinskaya, Wole Soyinka and Oscar Wilde. The research focuses on poems of political prisoners and activists, wherein Motion (2012) stated that poems out of all literary forms, is one best equipped to convey strong feelings, which was affirmed by Domenech (2015) which she stated that poetry is the best outlet for unspoken thoughts.
Moreover, Bellington (2009) gave reasons on the motivations of prisoners in writing poems wherein he …show more content…

He distinguishes between three types of protest poems; (1) first category are those poems that portray the brutal realities of life. These poems illustrate the prevailing corruption and through these descriptions signify protest against the political dispensation; (2) second category can be found in those poems that do not only picture the corruption and wrongdoing but also urges readers to reflect on these and think of specific modes of action to rectify history and; (3) third category is the apex of protest poetry, the so-called “revolutionary poetry”. These poems embody a specific political line and mode of action to

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