Prisons Are Overcrowded With Inmates

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Prisons are overloaded with inmates; there are alternative resources being used to reduce the number of inmates in prison/jail. The alternative resources are community corrections. Community corrections are often a privatized agency that is similar and different from private prisons. Privatized community corrections can give a positive outcome in the criminal justice system, but can also have a negative impact on clients. Why are clients required to pay fees instead of the courts, or taxpayers? There are laws written in the state of Colorado regarding Community Corrections. Overall, community corrections have advantages as well as disadvantages. Community corrections is an alternative to not going to prison. Every offender is different, …show more content…

In privatized community correction to take advantage of the programs, clients have to pay a fee. For example, if the client is sentenced to a close monitor for substance abuse, every time the client has to go drop a UA they have to pay a fee. There are also half-way houses that charge rent and require clients to endorse their employment checks. Half-way houses do not keep all the money; they make payments on any restitutions, or court fees the client has. All of the privatized probation departments have different fees for their clients. For example, in the Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems, according to Manuel Contreras there is a fee of $50 a month. Manuel was sentence to probation for a charge of DUI. Every time Manuel has to go drop a UA there is a charge of $10, which is once a week. For substance abuse classes/ therapy there is a fee of $25, which he also has to attend once a week. By doing all the math, Manuel has to pay $186 a month to meet with the requirements. Leaving aside the other bills he needs to pay such as food and rent. Offenders pay the services because they are required otherwise they will be punished. Clients got themselves into trouble therefore they should be responsible for the financial costs. There is also a theory that when clients pay for the services they will have a more satisfying feeling after accomplishment if they pay for the services themselves. Eventually, clients are more likely to

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