Privacy, Freedom, And Freedom Of Freedom

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According to The Framers Constitution (Stone, 2011) “The Framers understood that they were entrusting to future generations the responsibility to draw upon their intelligence, judgment, and experience to give concrete meaning to these broad principles over time.” I believe while a right to privacy may not be in writing in the Constitution itself, that it is indeed directly implied that we the people of the United States of America do have a right to privacy. Individual liberty is after all, what the Framers fought so hard to achieve. Also, the Bill Of Rights was created to protect the people from the government, not the other way around.

Without directly stating in The Bill of Rights that we have a right to privacy, I believe we can …show more content…

This very amendment is about citizens’ rights, our right to privacy, and it is my deepest belief that without privacy there truly is no freedom.

I believe the understanding of the right to privacy has changed over time due to the perilous times that we are all living in. Before the twin towers fell in 2001, I believe that Americans privacy was not something that anyone even thought about. Because of what happened on that fateful day, I believe we are now living in a post-constitutional America. Our fourth amendment was pretty much thrown out the window with the revelations brought about by Edward Snowden. The shock of all Americans that our very own government was spying on us, without any due cause, just because they thought they had a right to. We felt that our privacy had been invaded, and that it was not right, or constitutional. We felt stripped of our rights, and because of this it has led to a decrease trust in our own government, at a time when it was already low. The understanding of the right to privacy has changed over time because we have gone from a non-digital age, to an age of

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