Privacy vs Security: A Comparsion of Th Eterna Value of Privacy by Bruce Schneier and In the Battle between Privacy and Sercurity by Chris Cillzza

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Privacy V.S. Security Many people can’t seem to agree on whether or not they should have more privacy or loses some privacy, and be more supervised. In both articles, each author is trying to inform the readers and state the possible consequences of having too much privacy or not enough supervision. In the article “The Eternal Value of Privacy” by Bruce Schneier and the article “In the battle between privacy and security, security always wins” by Chris Cillizza you will see which article has the best logical argument on whether or not, the privacy article or the surveillance article was best stated . In the article “The Eternal Value of Privacy” by schneier his claim towards privacy is “Privacy is an inherit human right, and a …show more content…

In the article, Cillizza has gathered information about President Obama and how he feels that he is in-between the struggle of not knowing what is best to have. In the dialog used in the article it sates “A February 2011 Pew poll showed that 42 percent said that the Patriot Act was “ a necessary tool that helps the government find terrorists” while a 34 percent said it “ goes too far and poses threats to civil liberties.” This makes sense to understand that if we were to have the privacy we all wanted that would mean that we would not be watched as constantly as we should be, and that could become a major problem because we can’t seem to agree on the fact of what is better to have. If you were to think for both sides of the article it would be hard to decide which one we were to need the most because the truth is we can’t ever have to much or not enough of anything. “Security > privacy “equation has governed decision made by a Republican and now a Democratic.” The author here is backing up his claim by saying how to the people, security is most important. When the author mentions “leaks related to national security can put people at risk.” It seems as if he is saying no matter what… The government can tell you

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