Private Schools Vs Public Schools

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An Introduction of the Topic Private schools differ from public schools for many different reasons. The major difference is that the government, unlike private schools that are privately funded, funds public schools. Another difference would be that the private schools have more flexibility on what they can teach because the government does not fund them. One other difference that is very prevalent is the social goals of schooling. This topic is a very important issue that many parents struggle with when trying to figure out which school is best for their children, and to the teachers who are trying to decide which school to apply to. Because it is affecting the parents and the teachers, this influences everyone as a whole. Many of the differences between the school systems are religion, sex education courses, nutrition, pay rates, and crime within a school system. These are a few of the topics that will be discussed throughout this paper. Historical Overview Private schools first became known about in the United States in the sixteenth century when catholic missionaries came to the New England colonies. Later public schools were created around the early 1800’s. People hoped to instill in their children moral and political values, and discipline. They hoped by doing this that there was a possibility for a nation to be crime free. Horace Mann, an educational reformer, made multiple statements involving social control and issues. Mann believed that schooling could reduce
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