Privilege Is Only The First Step

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For a teacher, managing issues surrounding privilege in the classroom is easier said then done. Having your students in the classroom understand what it means to be privilege is only the first step. In our class each student talked about their own definition of the word privilege. Privilege to me refers to a right that you have that others do not. The right tends to be special and unique to you and you are not aware that other don’t have that same right as you do. Depending on whether you are privilege or not can affect your outcome to living a successful life. I will first explain how one can be privilege, then compare schools with privileged students, and ending it with how can a teacher manage the issues surrounding privilege in the classroom.
Privilege students tend to succeed in life than non-privilege students and that is due to residential segregation. “The segregation of schools by race, ethnicity and income both reflects and perpetuates inequitable opportunities in the U.S.” (e.g., Reardon and Bischoff 2011a; Kaufman and Rosenbaum 1992). In Class Rules, Peter does a great job describing residential segregation in each of the five research schools. According to Peter, the compounding effect of race and class makes it difficult for people of color to cross class lines unless they have outstanding educational advantages. Roosevelt High located in the South Bronx, is an example of a school that consist of non-privileged students. According to Peter Roosevelt High is…
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