Pro And Cons Of Genetic Modification

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Approximately 4 million babies are born each year, among them, nearly 160,000 have a high chance of having genetic disorders said, Anne Matthews, an associate professor. Every parent’s dream is to have a perfectly healthy and thriving child. No parent will want his or her child to have any disease. In 1973, Herbert Boyer and Stanley discovered method called genetic modification (“GNN - Genetics and Genomics Timeline”). Genetic modification is the manipulation of organism genes using biology and technology. Gene modification includes different types of techniques such as cloning and genetic engineering. Genetic enhancement is “the transfer of genetic material intended to non-pathological human traits,” said Kathi Hanna, a biomedical research writer. Gene enhancement is used to make people not only healthy but also raise their capacities. According to Begley Sharon, the senior science writer for Stat, 65 percent of individual support that altering gene of an unborn baby should be illegal. Parents should not have the right to genetically enhance their unborn child because it will limit the child’s freedom and will lead to societal issues.
The first reason why parents should not change the genes of their child is that it limits the child’s autonomy. In the U.S, most adolescents are dependent by the age of 18. Since most of them are dependent, it means that they can already take care of themselves and make thoughtful decisions. A child who is genetically modified “will be
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