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There are a total of 3,350 inmates currently on death row. These people include all of the main races in America. In 1965 Robert Massie murdered a mother of two in California during a robbery. Mere hours before he was scheduled to be executed. A stay was issued so he could testify, he had found evidence to support his cases and got parole and a second chance. Eight months later he robbed and murdered a businessman in California. This is a obvious that the death penalty should not be abolished, better yet supported in all states. The death penalty will prove to all mentally unstable criminals the horrors of death and will force them to face it eye to eye if they choose to commit the crime.

Capital punishment is active in 36 states. 10 …show more content…

That is a resoundingly low number. That means that if a state declares a execution of the convict it is most likely going to happen. ?The number of innocent people who have been executed have been ZERO?(Elliot, David/Marquis, Joshua). There have also been speculation that if a massacre happens then the convict does not deserve to die? Many have said this is stupid that if someone does that he can be let off with a life sentence. Life sentence is always better than death, so he should be executed.

The reason why people have been critical about the death penalty is that maybe the commonly used three drug cocktail is a painful death. The cocktail consists of 3 drugs administered by a needle, the first is meant to incapacitate you then paralyze your muscles then to finally stop the heart. Many are saying this painful. How much more painless can it get. And do the convicts that commit such a horrible crime deserve to be painlessly executed? In China the common execution is one bullet to the back of the dead. In America that is unheard of and if anyone were to propose such a thing they would be considered cruel and twisted. Some of have been exposed to the other forms of executions used in America. One of them is electrocution which is solely used in Nebraska. A story is that a man was to be executed in Florida and a officer noticed that the sponge on the man?s head was torn so they got a new one but the new one was

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