The Crudilty of the Death Penalty Essay examples

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There are three main “degrees of murder.” There is third-degree murder, which is a little more complicated than the other two. When people do not meet the standards for first-degree, or second-degree, murder they are usually classified in this category. A third-degree murder is a murder that is not premeditated. The next level up is second-degree murder. This degree is classified as an intended, but not premeditated, murder. The highest degree is first-degree murder. This is an intended and well thought out plan to murder somebody. Being charged with this degree is saying that you thought about how you were going to seek out and kill your victim. People who are guilty of first-degree murder could be tried for the death penalty. This is where it gets a little confusing for me. We murder these people because they murder someone else. It is a “lose-lose situation.” People say the victim’s family wants closure. I am sorry to say this but killing the murderer will not bring your family member back. The death penalty is crude and unnecessary.
“Currently 38 states have the death penalty. The United States is one of only five countries known to have executed defendants who committed their crimes while younger than 18” (Weathers). Before a person can be sentenced to death they have to meet requirements. There are questions asked such as, “Is the defendant mentally ill?” “Did he or she have a choice?” “Did he or she know right from wrong?” “Could he or she control…

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