Problem: Human Rights Violations In Sino-Africa Cooperation

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Problem: Human Rights Violations in Sino-Africa Cooperation China’s increasing presence in Africa has been exposed to international critiques for human rights violations. Rampant land grabbing by Chinese companies, labor abuses in Chinese factories and farms, and China’s close bonds with authoritarian governments are three major problems that have become protuberant, impeding the progress of China’s “Going-Abroad” strategy in Africa. Take China’s footprint in the African agricultural sector, for example. According to Human Rights Watch in 2012, the agriculture investment contract between China and Ethiopia helped foment the legitimacy of the notorious “Villagization” program through which the Ethiopian government forcibly relocated …show more content…

As Chinese investments grow to be a major source of foreign direct investment in Africa , it accords with China’s long-term interest to improve Chinese investments’ humanitarian record in Africa and take up broader responsibilities for African development. There are two tendencies to explain why the Chinese government needs a redirection of Sino-Africa cooperation : a) Growing resistance to Chinese money has been proved by the increasing number of conflicts between Chinese companies and the local communities; cases are found in Kenya, Mozambique, just to name a few. b) The international public opinion has been pervasively depicting Chinese investments as a “neo-colonialism” in Africa, which is not completely true but has burdened China with diplomatic pressure on human rights issues.
As current Chinese policies towards Sino-African cooperation give tacit consent to humanitarian misconduct of Chinese entities and indiscriminately upper-level cooperation with some authoritarian governments, such a politically unsustainable strategy jeopardizes not only the reputation of Chinese companies but also the national image of China overseas. China’s long-term stance in Africa calls for a reform on China’s African policies.
Since the problems in Sino-Africa cooperation derive from the deficiency of Chinese African policy and the ineffective surveillance system from both inside and outside, our fundamental solution is to

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