Problematic Use Of Pornography

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Rationale & Predictions for Study
Research on hypersexuality and its relation to pornography is a current trend in the field of psychology. Compulsive pornography use has been evaluated and shown repeatedly to have harmful effects. This isn’t to say that Internet pornography is without some positive effects (Reid, Li, Gilliland, Stein, J & Fong, T, 2011); however in the cases of compulsive use, these do not outweigh the negative side effects. In this study, we seek to explore when the use of pornography changes from casual to compulsive. Problematic use of pornography has been defined previously as use in excess of eleven hours in a week (Grubbs, Volk, Exlinezo, & Pargament, 2015). Symptoms of people suffering from the compulsive use of pornography typically include the inability to regulate their use of pornography and psychological distress.
Previous consensual sexual activities prior to unwanted sexual activities have been listed as a post-assault justification by perpetrators (Wegner, Abbey, Pierce, Pegram, & Woerner, 2015). In individual relationships adult pornography use, unprotected sex, and chatting online with strangers were significantly related to sexting (Crimmins, & Seigfried-Spellar, 2014). Viewing online pornography was also associated with a significantly increased probability of having sent sexual images/messages for boys in nearly all of the five countries surveyed (Stanley, Barter, Wood, Aghtaie, Larkins, Lanau, & Överlien, 2016). The study

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