Pornography Causes Desensitization, Aggression, and Alienation

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Pornography Causes Desensitization, Aggression, and Alienation A pair of long luscious, shapely legs extend upward until they join in perfect harmony. Colorful panties cover what seem to be the smallest area possible as a slim torso with shapely breasts and a slender neck lead to a perfect face. There she is, the perfect woman, the perfect picture of lust. Yet, she is only a picture, but what unbelievable power she possesses. Any man who looks her way will question his desires and himself. Who will resist her temptation and who will give in is the only question left without an answer. Pornography. Everyone seems to know what the word means, but does anyone know its etymology? The graphic images associated with pornography distract…show more content…
So, when viewing, hearing, or sensing sexual materials, stress occurs and a neuro-chemical response by the right side of the brain takes place. When sexual stress transpires, it triggers physiological mechanisms. Anxiety mobilizes the body and puts it into top condition to cope. The brain releases chemicals, which seep into the pituitary gland, releasing a stress hormone called adrenocorticotropic hormone. This in turn stimulates: the bronchial tubes to relax for deeper breathing, the blood sugar to increase for maximum energy, the increase of blood pressure, and the organs of sight, sound, and sex. Now if pornography was just fantasy, the left side of the brain would be telling the right that there's nothing to get excited about, and none of the above behavior would occur (Reisman 17-19). Another point to be made is that when high arousal occurs, our bodies emergency system is triggered. A person's vitals can be differentiated by observing them look at a Times magazine and then look at a Playboy magazine. If a person's vitals are obviously changed, the person has a normal sense of arousal; but if the response to both magazines is similar, a level of desensitization has occurred (Reisman 21). The latter response usually takes place after prolonged exposure to pornography. When the brain adapts to a specific sensation, arousal is dramatically reduced, leaving the user with the compulsion to seek out more to reach the

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