Problems Within Education Today 's Education Essay

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Problems Within Education Today
For my extra credit assignment I would like to research, and write about the problems in education today. According to chapter eight in the book, worldwide one in five adults can not read or write, two thirds of them being women. The problems we are facing in education can be linked to other social problems such as poverty or unemployment, seeing that those who graduate college make up twenty percent of the unemployment rate, compared to the forty percent of the unemployment rate in people with less than a high school degree. Another issue facing education is the inequality of schools and school districts. School districts with a lower socioeconomic status must spend more money on things like maintaining the school. Thus, leaving less money to spend on bettering the education of the children, which in turn leads to higher rates of drop outs, and lower rates of college attendance. Therefore, leaving them more likely to be unemployed or live in poverty. Finally, another major problem facing the American education system is the lack of financial support. One survey revealed that the most common thing to happen due to budget cuts is to increase the class size, which has been directly correlated with poorer academic achievement. The problems facing education are plentiful, most of which are grounded in financial woes. These effects can be devastating to the lives of the children it affects or society as a whole, due to the statistics correlating
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