Essay on Problems at Perrier

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arlene Austin Management 6681 13 November 2011 Case Study- Problems at Perrier (Chapter 6, pg 183) 1. Identify the key elements of the resistance to change described in this situation. The key elements of the resistance to change described in the Perrier case are: Lack of communication and the companies inability to inform the employees of what changes affected production at Perrier, the company made excessive changes, the company introduces a series of changes and the people felt the changes were unnecessary, and they were unsure if they would still have the required skills to continue to work for the company. Perrier has made quite a fair amount of changes in a short period of time and they will need to be aware that some people …show more content…

The four of which that could be considered in this case are: education and communication, participation and involvement, negotiation and agreement, and explicit and implicit coercion. A) Education and Communication. There seems to be a lack of information or inaccurate information. Instead of discussing directly with the employees that the sales were down, the managers used a form of manipulation by placing the competition's bottled water in the factory cafeteria. Instead of motivating the employees to increase their production they made the situation worse. This could have been avoided if they would have communicated with their employees. One of the best ways to overcome resistance to change is to educate people about the change effort beforehand. Communication and education prior to change helps employees see the logic in the change effort. This reduces unfounded and erroneous rumors concerning the effects of change in the organization. B) Participation and Involvement. This strategy is used when resistance is a reaction to a sense of exclusion from the process. It is most effective when the people who initiates change do not have all the information they need to create a change and when others have considerable power to resist. Perrier should have used their employees to identify the problems

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