Problems of Upbringing

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Parental Responsibilities In The Upbringing Of Their Children By Ven. Dr. K Sri Dhammananda Parenting is not like any other 9 to 5 job. It is never ending and there is never enough time to do everything. No matter how old your baby is, newborn or toddler, it is never too late to put your baby first and enjoy being a mum or dad. Many parents think that they alone know what is best for the children and therefore expect too much from them. They force their children into tuition classes even though they can cope with their studies. At the same time they are asked to take up ballet dancing (in the case of girls), taekwando (in the case of boys), music lessons, computer classes and so on. On top of this, they insist that their children obtain…show more content…
You will feel guilty about telling your children during their most tender and inquisitive age: ‘Don’t ask so many questions!’ As a caring and responsible parent you should in fact respond readily to that natural inquisitiveness in your child. The scientific way of solving a problem is to look at the problem, find all the data available and then come up with a solution in a coherent manner. Likewise, a child whose curiosity meets with a favoured respond will learn to think and act scientifically as well as creatively and this will serve him well into adulthood. For instance, when you give a toy to your child, you should give it with tender love and joy. Instead, certain parents tend to almost shout: ‘ don’t open it like that. Don’t break the toy, it is very expensive. Do you know how lucky you are to get such a toy?’ If you can afford to buy the toy, he will quite logically think he can afford to break it. You could instead be part of his discovery by telling him: ‘Come my dear, lets open the toy box together,’ and use the fun element instead of the negative element. Give the present with joy and love. It can be done if you are not stressed and unhappy yourself. You must be happy for it is only in a state of happiness that one is comfortable and generous. Parents sometimes are to be blamed for unwittingly inculcating negative social habits in their children. For instance, a parent who asks a
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