Process Of Aging In Women

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Aging: something society cannot avoid. Our body slowly gives into the aging process. This process can be overwhelming in every aspect of life, from changes in appearance to limited physical abilities to move that deprive us of our being. Everyone will all become older, but not all will be affected by the aging process in the same way (Huyck,1974, p.vii). In the 1900’s the life expectancy in the United States for women would be to live to 48 years and for men would be to live to 46 years, this study shows that the women in the United States live longer than men (1900-98"). As of now women live to 81years and men live to 76. The aging process not only affects individuals but the whole society. The elderly population has important implications …show more content…

This age group can be a negative and positive outcome. Women in these ages start to recognize that their hair is becoming more noticeable to see white or gray hair; their skin becomes a bit stretchy and wrinkled, and on some women they start to shrink in their height. Once again this is all part of aging. The Middle-old age group seem to be happy than the older group. Happy middle-old people are different from the less happy older age. When it comes to medical expenses for older people they can be expensive than the younger people. The average medical expenditure for persons 65 or over in 1972 was $981, nearly three times as high as the average for persons between the ages of 19 and 64 ($358) (Loether, 1975, p.37). This is one of the issues for older women. Which is why some don’t seek health care when it comes to being sick. Not only the women but as well as the men too. Since women outlive men; women tend to marry men who are older. Among people aged 75 or older, a 42 percent minority have experienced the death of a relative in the past five years (Yntema, 1999). Living through this trauma, in this case, a death of a loved one, is a common experience for the elderly. These women usually spend the rest of their lives …show more content…

Not only do women suffer from health problems like heart disease, cancer, or strokes they can also suffer from mental health. According to Milne, he notes that women in the oldest age group are twice as likely as men to suffer from depressive illness and observes that women are more likely to suffer from dementia (Fennell, Phillipson, & Evers, 1988, p.111). For these older women everything for them seems to be difficult and complicated. They are also tired and stressed out over everything and anything they think

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