Procrastination Essay

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Procrastination, putting things off until the last minute, can have serious consequences on a person's life. I fully agree with this statement because I have personally been affected by procrastination, waiting until the last minute will never do you any good. The main reason why procrastination isn't a great idea is because the amount of stress that comes along with doing things at the very last minute. When you get stressed you're more prone to making mistakes than if you did it a week before the project was due, the more mistakes the worse your grade will be. It is very hard to take care of the small detail when you're in such hurry just to complete the project. I remember back in high school waking up with droll stuck to my cheek it …show more content…

So my terrible day did not end at school, when I got home my dad took my xbox from me until i was entirely done with my junior paper and until I brought my grade back up in history class. It didn't help matters that my history teacher was a stifler on doing test its worth forty percent of our grade. I have also procrastinated and made a really good grades too, but i may have gotten a good grade but i was still up super late and biting everyone's head off i came in contact with. I was as upset as a bull with a rubber band wrapped tightly around his testicles, being this upset comes with a price however i was mentally exhausted and a lot of people were upset at me.
Sometimes procrastination can get you killed, this becomes true when you put off your medical condition or you put off having that surgery you need just because you don't want to take the time to do so. We as human beings tend to stray away from the thing we do not enjoy doing, that explains why I did not want to do my junior paper because writing isn't my most favorite thing to do. I honestly do not believe there is anything good that could come from procrastination, because the time you spent procrastinating cannot be given back to you it is considered wasted time. Also being a procrastinator can affect your reputation, nobody ever wants to be known as the person who cannot keep their word. So take a word from the wise procrastination is not

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