Procurement Management Approach For Human Procurement Process

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Procurement Management Approach
No plans have been made to update this document unless the scope of the installation of Roof Membrane changes or any significant changes in APEX procuring processes are made. The Project Manager will notify any change to the project team members verbally and by email.
Procurement Process
APEX Sustainable Engineering Solutions uses a proven system to procure equipment, materials and services to meet the contractual requirements. Our employees work in cross functional teams to perfume multiple tasks that minimize the supplier response time and queue. The result produced through this is accurate, fast and cost-effective procurement process.
Documents, Policies and Procedures
• The APEX procurement process
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• Evaluating and monitoring suppliers to ensure performance of schedule and cost.
• Evaluating Lease versus purchase requirements and negotiating all the options available.
Preparing Procurement Documents for Each Stage

• Identifications of the equipment, materials and services.
• Soliciting bid to suppliers and ensuring the high level of competitiveness.
• Receiving quotations, reviewing for quantity and other discounts and while the purchase order is negotiated.
• Dealing with Supplier administrator to define requirements, Statements of Work and other required specifications.
• Awarding contracts. (Supplier Agreements, including APEX agreements, i.e. Fixed Price Contracts)
• When generating requisition to be approved. Orders are not placed without appropriate authorization. Requisition of goods and services must be approved by the Project Manager or an Authorized Representative.
• When there is any changes to the purchase orders. The purchase orders are controlled by supply chain management and documented in the respective procurement folder.
• When receiving material/service from the supplier.
• When inspection is performed as required.
• When receiving Invoice from the supplier.
Note that all purchase orders which are 25K CAD and over must contain procurement documentation checklist (Procurement Doc checklist – PDC-329) to ensure that all the areas and
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