Productivity Improvement in Screw Type Biomas Briquettes Manufacturing by Planning Downtime

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Biomass densification by screw briquetting produces uniform, dense and durable solids desirable for gasification, process heating, power generation and other heating applications which are currently run by coal. Due to high wear rate, the screw and mould used for forming the briquettes deteriorate leading to regular production stoppage and considerable down time losses. Hence Indian entrepreneurs are apprehensive to adopt screw briquetting technology in spite of its potential. In this work improvement in productivity parameters are tested for predetermined replacement of screw before considerable damage is done. They were found to be significant and aiding quality briquette output and smooth operation which could aid in improving …show more content…

If the excess biomass materials are compacted to briquettes near their source they can be transported to longer distances, stored for more duration unaffected much by humidity [9] and put into versatile uses. There are many methods of densification available and screw briquetting is one good choice for producing high quality briquettes, a sample of which is shown in fig 2. These types of briquettes have uniform dimensions, high calorific value, less moisture are desirable feed stock for gasification systems, process heating and power generation applications. But the screw briquetting technology is having its own shortcomings like, the life of its parts like screw and mould are very short due to high wear rate, need of skilled labors to run the machine and wastage of energy for heating the raw material and the mould. The heating process is needed to eliminate moisture and volatile matters and to melt the lignin content in the raw material which acts like a binder. The quality of briquettes produced justifies the use of skilled labor. Due to high wear rate of screw and mould particularly the screw which have very short life about 4 to 15 hrs [10] there are regular stoppages of production, reconstruction of tools and wastage of output.Research works are going on all over the world in designing compact briquetting machines,

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