Professional Integrity

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Professional Integrity
Professor: Steven Ah
By: Ahmed Hammouedeh
Date: 03- 02- 2015

Day to day interactions with all the relevant parties in business transactions calls for the individual parties to give due diligence to upholding of ethical behaviour. Ethics, generally defined as the norms of conduct that extricate between unacceptable and acceptable conduct, plays a crucial role in decision-making and to facilitate business transactions efficiently (Brecher, 2013). By being ethical, one is able to obtain a personal advantage, approval and inner benefit given the fact that, virtue serves as its own reward. This is usually the case when faced with two conflicting issues or alternative causes of action that have far reaching
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Another potential problem that may arise is erosion of the company’s good reputation as a result of faulty motor vehicles that one of the company’s dealers might sell to the customers. In order to make good ethical decisions in the future, it is first important that as an individual, I have to understand the firm’s organization values. These include evaluating the standards of behaviour that are of most significance to the company and always adhering to these values even in situations that would place me at a competitive disadvantage. This is informed by the fact that ethical action is a consequence of physiological processes: recognition, moral character, motivation and moral focus. Re-evaluation of possible courses of actions before taking a particular decision is also important. This is important since it helps the decision maker reflect on the effect of decisions on the fundamental principles of ethics, the decision maker and all the stake-holders involved. Branding personal reputation as a highly respected ethical leader can be achieved by making use of the information revolution presented by social media. This avenue provides a ready platform to issue clarifications that are deemed necessary to a large audience and counter any negative perceptions. They also help one to establish a
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