Ethical Framework : Decision Making Process Essay

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Ethical Framework to Decision-making Process Slide 2: Introduction All employees (including the company executives) should be guided by moral principles and ethical values when making decisions (Balc & Simionescu, 2012). The ability of executives to make ethical decisions can be influenced by their cognitive bias (Zeni, Buckley, Mumford & Griffith, 2015). Utilitarianism is one of the frameworks that can be used to address ethical dilemmas. Utilitarianism holds that decision makers should take alternatives that maximize the happiness of the majority of the stakeholders (Choe & Min, 2011 and Marques, 2015). This presentation will discuss how the 8-step ethical decision making process can be applied when addressing a dilemma using the utilitarianism framework. The presentation will also guide the executives of Toyota on how to address the negative publicity associated with the production of cars with faulty acceleration system. Slide 3: Real Life Potential Ethical Dilemma An ethical dilemma arises when there is a conflict between the interest of the company and the rest of the stakeholders (Withey, 2012). Toyota is a profit making company that released millions of cars into the market without knowing that they could accelerate themselves suddenly. The Congress was mandated to investigate the matter, but 40 out of the 125 members of the relevant committee had received campaign funds from Toyota (BBC Worldwide Americas, Inc., 2015). Toyota had also spent $ 25 million

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