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Professional organizations were created to assist in the growth and development of a profession (Black, 2014). For example, nurses use organizations to improve health and working conditions that result in changing the way health is delivered to a population (Black, 2014). These organizations allow individuals to express their opinions on current issues, enhance their knowledge of the profession, and facilitate relationships with other individuals that share the same interest and concerns. To get a better understanding of these groups, I explored the American Psychiatric Nurses Association (APNA) website to see what information I could collection. The APNA is an independent organization that was created 30 years ago with the hope of …show more content…

After reading through the APNA’s website I would have to say I agree with the APNA’s goal, which is to help individuals and their loved ones understand the prevention, diagnosis, and recovery of psychiatric patients, by being recognized as the expert voice for psychiatric-mental health nursing (American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2015). The APNA organization started with 600 members and has now grown to nearly 10,000 members that are interested in or apart of the mental health nursing practice (American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2015). While looking though the website, I could not found a specific breakdown of the number of members, but the site did stated, “APNA supports and serves the interests of psychiatric-mental health nurses both nationally and internationally” (American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2015). Members of this association are automatically assigned to their state’s chapter (American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2015). Virginia’s chapter page has very little information compared to other state chapters, but from the information I gathered, this chapter is not local active in the Hampton Roads Community. This organization puts lots of energy into advancing research to improve the techniques of identifying mental health issues (American Psychiatric Nurses Association, 2015). With earlier detection, psychiatric nurse clinicians will be able to promote the proper health and wellness to those on the

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