Professional Psychiatrist: A Short Story

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So close, Emily's intoxicating scent consumed Ellis's senses, as did the feel of her smooth, silky skin when he caressed her cheek and scanned the teenager's youthful face. No wrinkles, no laughter lines, no signs of the ageing process that had become noticeable in Beth the last year or so and McHugh could just bet that, under her clothing, Emily's tits required no support, and her pussy would grip like a vice when he fucked her. Not if now, but when, and the touch of her hand on his sent an anticipatory jolt of electricity down his spine. The caring, professional Psychiatrist, whose sole purpose was to assist Emily to overcome her trauma. "I'm glad, don't ever give up hope, we'll talk about it more next session." After she departed, Dr Ellis McHugh took a five minute break before buzzing his secretary to send in his last patient of the day, to jerk off in the bathroom adjacent to his office, moaning the schoolgirl's name as he came. Session 3 McHugh was more pleasantly surprised than disappointed to see Emily appear out of her school uniform, as if she'd read his mind. For since their last session, he'd envisaged how she'd look in a number of outfits, from tight jeans or shorts that…show more content…
That, in spite of that, since they'd last spoken, he hadn't attempted to touch Beth, or used the site for self-gratification for those girls were eighteen and legal, and could not hold a candle to the sixteen year old Emily Harris. Each and every time, it had been with images of her in mind, and now she'd provided him another fantasy to stroke himself to. How he'd just love to watch her sitting back on that sofa, sliding her hand between her legs, and touching herself for him. It took all the concentration Ellis could muster to remain
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