Professors: A Student’s Greatest Tool

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I am writing to you, MTSU Administration, not only as a current student of MTSU, but as an observer. After reading the article “Are Colleges Worth the Price of Admission” in which Andrew Hacker and Claudia Dreifus discuss the multiple ways in which colleges may not be as sound of an investment as they seem, I could not help but think of the very university that I call home. Hacker and Dreifus don’t just talk about the shortcomings that many universities face today, they also discuss various ways in which they see that an institution could improve on college’s primary purpose which is to “challenge the minds of young people” (Hacker and Dreifus). These proposals range from expanding the amount of medical schools and research centers that universities offer to their students to making a student use their mind. The proposal that I think would be most beneficial for not just the Administration aspect of MTSU, but also the students would be for the faculty of MTSU to engage all of the students equally. The article by Hacker and Dreifus reminds me of an earlier assignment that was given to me in which I had to give a personal definition of the word “student”. In this very assignment I talked about the importance of getting a student engaged in their work and as MTSU Administration, I am sure that the quality of education that is given to the students of this institution is of the utmost importance to you. Hacker and Dreifus state, “We believe all Americans can do college work, so

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