Profiling And Drug-Law Enforcement

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One of the eight most important indicators pertaining to profiling and drug-law enforcement was the act of purchasing airline tickets with cash. Needless to say, the purchase of airline tickets with cash brings attention to self. Regardless to travel near or far, people usually go online and purchase their tickets in advance using a credit card for security purposes and conformation. Naturally, when traveling, people carry less cash as possible because of the high rate of crime. Unfortunately, Andrew Sokolow, a young African American brought attention to himself because of his appearance, purchase of a forty-eight hour trip from one destination to another paying with cash, and excessive nervousness (Levinthal, C. F. 2012). Therefore, when you are paying with cash and showing signs of nervousness, suspicion falls upon you and people automatically feel you have the intention to harm others or intention of drug trafficking. None the less, Sokolow was traveling under a false name. Consequently, the tragedy on September 11, 2001, and the loss of more than 3,000 lives were due to ineffective airport security. However, profiling, based on both the behavior and appearance of airline passengers, provides a vital tool that effectively and efficiently increases airport …show more content…

Therefore, before 9/11, racial profiling was a term most often referred to as a “law enforcement practice of taking the race of a potential into account in deciding whether to initiate the investigation of that suspect: (Reddick, S. R.,

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